About Sonny Australia

Sonny is a boy who spends most of his time outdoors exploring and playing underneath the Australian sun. He knows no boundaries as his little heart runs free. Sonny is daring and wild. He knows what he wants and always finds a way of getting it. Sonny has a kind and gentle soul and wins all the girls hearts. 

Sonny Australia is designed in Australia by two friends who understand the need for stylish yet practical hats for our little ones. Children aren't limited by trends and we seek to deliver the highest quality, unisex range of hats starting with our base colours of tans, neutrals and denim and adding seasonal hues to our ever growing range. 

It is our belief that their hats should be as unique as their imaginations. 

Let your heart run wild and join us on our journey....

Our Community

Check out our thriving community of stylish kids wearing Sonny Australia. 

Are you ready to let your heart run wild and join us on our journey....